WHAT!!! BITCOIN LISTED ON STOCK EXCHANGE!!!!! đŸ€Ż Programmer explains


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    ⏰TIMESTAMPS (thanks to Nate Lovell):

    Introduction- 0:00

    Market Analysis- 3:55

    Ivan on Tech Academy DeFi Course- 5:38

    Webinar Reminder- 5:47

    German Stock Exchange Lists Bitcoin- 6:16

    Phase 5 of Bitcoin- 16:50

    100 Million Bank Accounts (ETH)- 20:36

    How to make money playing fantasy football on Ethereum- 26:10

    Kyber's Fed Price Reserve- 28:58

    Developers are forking Brave to remove affiliate links- 33:36

    Q&A- 35:55

    Q1- Is new video capability of brave been taken a long with the fork? 37:26

    Q2- What do you think is the average bitcoin holder amount? 37:50

    Q3- If you want to invest 10.000$ and you must pick just 1 coin, what you choose: BNB, Kyber, CRO, 0x, Chainlink or Tezos? 40:35

    Q4- When do you have Vitalik on the Show? 45:56

    Q5- Thoughts on XLM? 46:42

    Q6- AKOIN where can I buy that? 49:19

    Q7- At what point do you stop DCA strat? 49:37

    Q8- Do you pay developers in crypto? 50:17

    Q9- How does tax on donations work? 53:06

  2. ah yeah, I remember when they wanted to implement some changes to html, they decided against it, cause they concluded there were way too many web sites that might have used the faulty feature, and that implementing this change would break too many sites, so they decided against it. I looked it up when I read that, that year there was like 200 websites total the year they opted not to implement the change. so at most, 200 websites would be affected and they thought that was too many. and probably many of them didn't even use that feature

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