"Altcoin Season ODER KEINE Altcoin Season"? "BITCOIN gegen GOLD" Kryptowährungen News deutsch


Eine Luxusyacht oder ein Snickers? “Bitcoin gegen Gold im Vergleich” Alt Season oder keine Alt Season? kann sich das Jahr 2017 wiederholen ? Gründe und …

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  1. Next next next bull run!! Wow I2 years waiting are you crazy !! Hahahaha i wanna see of we gonna have a bullrun i really hope so, but personaly i dont think so 2016/2OI7 was good for people who where in cypto! But for now i only dream of a bullrun! However, the candles have been printing higher lows and lower highs for the last five days, which generally signals a continuation of a trend, and right now Bitcoin is technically still in an uptrend. But losing the 236, which we have just tested as I’m typing, would change the outlook for the week ahead. Trader Huxster Charles notes that ( IO,OOO_usd ) is a historically bullish stage for Bitcoin, to Bull-run and it could be mirroring the price action seen in 2OI5 prior to it entering a multi-year uptrend that ultimately led it to highs of ( 2O,OOO_usd ), it's just an analysis, the picture is not clear yet so i advice you multiply the little you have with a trading strategy or liquidize, i was able to make 9bt with I.9bt in 2 weeks with the His Program, reach him on telegram @Worldbest_trade and Whatspp:+16174316054